Available information

Introduction of regular price
★ ordinary car ★.
Distance-based fares
* Time-distance service fares

Travel time of less than 10 km/h
Late night/early morning premium

Introduction of Charter rates
★ ordinary car ★.
Hourly fare

Introduction of the flat-rate fee
★ Haneda Airport ★

*( )In the late morning extra fare is
* Fast charge fee will be charged

★ Narita Airport ★

*( )In the late morning extra fare is
* Fast charge fee will be charged

Taxi flow

In STEP1 telephone contact

TEL: 045-833-2711(24Hours)

About Step2: ask the operator, so please let us know.

Location to pick up the booking date, time, name, destination, number, contact phone number.

Please tell the telephone Rep. Find the vehicle near where our operators had requested that a tractor-trailer

Please wait in the STEP3 place
Pick up until the specified date and at the location.

Please ride the STEP4 vehicle arrival.


Frequently asked questions

Q credit card payments?
It is A possible. Handling card company makes a variety of "UC, JCB, VISA, MUFG, NICOS Aeon, Credit Saison and Rakuten".
Tourism taxis can be arranged on the day Q?
Because the case cannot be associated with A fine-grained and crew arrangements, advance preparation is needed, can be arranged on the day is not permitted.
Q wheelchair can you prepare? There is a wheelchair accessible location?
A wheelchair is available. Please be assured we set on the examined separately in determining the details of the tourism course, when requested, a wheelchair accessible location.
Is the Q rates when and how should I pay?
Please pay upon arrival was available for A after. In case other cannot be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, please contact to the Office.