On the ride, booking & rates

For vehicle routing problem

Distributing by phone

Time to go pick you up at about 10-15 minutes prior to please contact us on the number below. (Please see below for reservations)
Tel.:0120-193-117(Free 24-time between reception)

Operator, so we inform the following.
And where to pick up
-Your name
Telephone number of the contact

Our operators are welcome to wait elsewhere find GPS in vehicles that get anywhere near a tractor-trailer, so get to pick you up.
Unless you can quickly pick up.

Please ride the vehicle arrives. In doing so, will confirm your name.

* May not be arrangements in some situations, such as when ordering taxi. Please note that we especially focus orders such as morning and evening peak hours and during adverse weather conditions.


In touch ball (free phone)

Touch ball come equipped to the following location in the company. Just picked up the operator free of charge.
Because the operator will inform about the following.

-Your name,
Telephone number of the contact

Find GPS in vehicles near where the operator's request, the tractor-trailer. Please wait in your location.
★ touch ball location

About the book

Reservations are accepted only in the following situations.
-Early booking (from 4:00 for 8:00)
Haneda and Narita flat-rate taxi

So you can make reservations by phone, please call in advance. (On the day of the disabled)
On construction site

Our taxi yokodai station on JR Negishi line, konandai station approval hongōdai station, Totsuka station on JR Tokaido line, JR Yokosuka line Higashi-Totsuka station, Keihin Kyuko line kamiooka station and Kanazawa-Bunko station, mixed with the taxi companies, construction and we are. Cash payment as well as various types of credit cards can be used, so please feel free to.
Calculation of the price

It is possible to search in the search of the Kanagawa Prefecture taxi Association taxi (simulation).
You can calculate, calculate the driving distance between the destination anywhere allows you to enter the departure point, destination point and stops to take time, taxi meter fares.
May be due to traffic conditions do not match the actual charges, so please use as a guide.

Introduction of regular price
★ ordinary car ★.
Distance-based fares
* Time-distance service fares

Travel time of less than 10 km/h
Premiums and discounts

Introduction of Charter rates
★ ordinary car ★.
Hourly fare

Introduction of the flat-rate fee
★ Haneda Airport ★

There are flat-rate fare with each area of Yokohama city in your home or company and Haneda Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2, international shipping. Because it is a family or group, of course, one even flat-rate deals come available.
* Fares are ordered and advance reservation (not a day).
*( )In the late morning extra fare is
* Fast charge fee will be charged

★ Narita Airport ★

Shipping flat-rate fare with Narita International Airport from the Yokohama city your home or company. Because it is a family or group, of course, one even flat-rate deals come available.
* Fares are ordered and advance reservation (not a day).
*( )In the late morning extra fare is
* Fast charge fee will be charged


Q credit card payments?
It is A possible. Handling card company makes a variety of "UC, JCB, VISA, MASTER, MUFG, NICOS Aeon, Saison, Rakuten, UFJ, MC, Diners, Amex, Omron". Chuncheon tickets and each card issued, can be used on love taxi. Also can be used in Tokyo Tokyo Radio tickets. However you cannot use Pasmo watermelon.

Tourism taxis can be arranged on the day Q?
Because the case cannot be associated with A fine-grained and crew arrangements, advance preparation is needed, can be arranged on the day is not permitted.
Q wheelchair can you prepare? There is a wheelchair accessible location?
A wheelchair is available. Please be assured we set on the examined separately in determining the details of the tourism course, when requested, a wheelchair accessible location.
Is the Q rates when and how should I pay?
Please pay upon arrival was available for A after. In case other cannot be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, please contact to the Office.