Mechanic wanted

At present, the company isMechanic wantedWe are.

Motor mechanic qualification you have motivated people.
Live and work in our company?
Multinationals are interested so we will answer by email or phone for more information, please contact us.

☆ Office to contact us!
Head Office 045-833-1261
Contact ☆ ☆ emailed
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Summer traffic accident prevention campaign

Summer traffic accident prevention campaignWe started!
Period 7 / 11 and 8/5 will.

Is more and more coming out on the street children play summer vacation before school, during the summer vacation and moving period.

Child is narrow field of view. I have seen and heard in the schools, etc. only the ball in front of me.

Must not give observe adults having a driver's license.

To eliminate the tragic accident....

I wanted to go through driving, forget the basics.

Cleaning staff recruitment

We are currently cleaning crew wanted (part time job).

Week 2-3 times working. 1, 2 or 3 hours of minor work is.
Would fit better, day of the week and time of want to decide.
Hourly wage 1,000 yen. Transportation expenses are.
Location is in the main office.

FAA who are interested, please inform us to the HQ Office endo.

Main office phone 045-833-1261


7/13 recruitment has been decided.
Thank you very much.