Company is a community-based yokodai station on JR Negishi line and konandai station conducts business mainly taxi companies.

0120-の後を『一休さん 良いな』と覚えて下さい。
TEL:045-833-1261 FAX:045-832-7881



2017年5月24日 : Tourist guide course
Information on tourist routes

We even in the home, but also like this course.
And other "want to go here."another place I wish"up a course in advance if you have any requests, is available!
Tourist information, please leave it to us!
Kanagawa tourism taxi certified drivers will take.
Take advantage.

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Our company philosophy

People who live in only one
And many people, beforethat
Can be utilized
Commonness in favor
Utilizing the people one way
To take advantage of

People taking advantage of people is the only way to live and beforethat thing and many people live in only one, made by commonness